The Con Artists Podcast

Spring 2022 End of Cour

July 27, 2022

End of Cour Winter 2022

Spring has come and gone, and the Con Artists have another season of anime under their belts. Su and Dan sit down for a smaller, but no less in-depth discussion of the shows from this past season, and gush over the banana-pants hijinks of Spy X Family and Birdie Wing.


The Shows covered in this Podcast are: Deaimon, Demon Girl Next Door S2, Cue!, Komi Can't Communicate, Summer Time Render, Spy X Family, and Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

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The intro/outro music is:

Symphogear G - "Rainbow Flower"


Lyrics/Composition: Noriyasu Agematsu

Arrangement: Seima Iwahashi

Vocals:  Aoi Yuki


Disclaimer: The Con Artists own nothing but our opinions and this podcast.

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